Thursday, December 18, 2008


Anybody remember reading my post about tuna ?

I thought that once I left college, I would break free of my scrape-the-bottom-of-the-mac-and-cheese barrel lunchtime habits. I assumed that, as a working professional,I would have the means to experience exotic and exciting foods like Schlotzky's Deli, Paradise Bakery, and Chili's.

Boy was I wrong.

For the past five days strait, I've had a peanut butter and banana sandwich or microwave ramen (or both--I went a litle crazy on Wednesday) for my midday sup.

We Heywood's are frugal as a rule, but I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't at least mix in a microwave dinner or a Quizno's sub. For reasons that can't be explained (ok. They can be explained. Being raised where the only occaision that merited a trip to Wendy's or Taco Bell was a birthday or a family vacation), I feel guilty going out to eat.

I do, however, splurge occasionally in the morning when I order an English muffin from the cafe at the basement of our Tower. The muffin is always on the toasted-too-much-on-the-outside-yet-cold-on-the-inside side, but I keep going back because of the personality of the Asian couple who manages the establishment.

The man, who I've never heard say one word since I began my visits, stands near the back of the kitchen and silently surveys the operation like Joe Torrey in the 5th inning. His wife is the polar bear oppposite. She rushes around the kitchen/cash register/chocolate milk display case with grasshopper zeal. I think her smile was surgically stapled to her face--it's as wide as Montana and it never leaves. I feel like I complete her life's mission every time I order an extra item.

"I'll have an English muffin, toasted on the toasted-too-much-on-the-outside-yet-cold-on-the-inside side, please." (she smiles wider and raises her eyebrows.) "oh...and a...blueberry yogurt...I guess..." (she beams like she's just been knighted by the Queen).

Which shows once again that half the world doesn't know how the other three quarters lives. Or eats.