Thursday, November 13, 2008

Renassiance Tower at Copper Square

This is where I work--the 23rd floor of 2 N Central Ave. I have an incredible view of the city (well, if I get up and walk over to the window).

Some other perks of the location include:

--An escalator I can use for no charge
--Parking I can use for a steep charge(they give you a free escalator and make it up in the parking)
--Statue of a naked man in front of the building (no, really.)
--Close to the light rail. (in two months)
--Near Chase Field and U.S. Airways Arena
--Gift store at the bottom of the building with Dream Catchers. People still buy those things?

Cat got your

Tongue Twisters?

I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch.
(who doesn't?)

Lovely lemon lininment.

Eleven benelovent elephants.

Gobbling gargoyles gobbled gabbling goblins.

Three short sword sheaves.

Classified Dating

Last weekend, my cousin told me about a website ( with the mission to unite redheads for dating so that they can eventually have redhead children. Apparently, redheads are becoming extinct.

This got me thinking. What if I did want to put my profile up on a dating site. What would I say?

How about:

Single white male WLTM a DTE YSF for FS and hopefully a LTR. ISO VGL girl with SOH and a healthy 401(k). Not a SD, but always up for a cold DDP. PA and ALA (literally, these days).

Monday, November 3, 2008

A battle well fought

I spent many hours in the hospital this weekend feeling helpless. My oldest cousin Jeff passed away after a battle with cancer, leaving behind a beautiful wife and two bright eyed children.

During those hours of grief in the oncology ICU, I didn't know what to say or do. I was just...there. Watching. Praying. Hoping.

I was moved by the love that was shown during those hours. I don't know of anything that can be purer than a mother's and a wife's love, nor can there be anything so exquisite as their grief. I saw the courage of a father and the tender kindness of a sister. I witnessed the bonds of affection that tie family together, knotted with the peace and promise of a reunion scheduled for all eternity.

Jeff's struggle on earth is over. His course is finished, his battle through. With all the strength and tenacity that Jeff showed, it is now our turn to fight through this trial. The empty days and long hours will stretch until they seem unbearable to those who for so long traveled with Jeff along life's paths.

"Oh stong soul, by what shore
Tarriest thou now? For that force,
Surely, has not been left vain!
Somewhere, surely, afar,
In the sounding labour-house vast
Of being, is practiced that strength,
Zealous, beneficent, firm!

Yea, in some far-shining sphere,
Stil thou performest the word
Of the God in whom thou dost live,
Prompt, unwearied as here!

The battle now turns to those who knew and loved Jeff, to live in rememberance without remorse, to step into the future in submission without sulleness.

Jeff, we miss you.