Monday, July 14, 2008

And I would walk 500 more...

These two pictures are from a country walk through the Kent area. The pastoral English countryside was beautiful. Green and magical. You might be able to tell that we were just in time for the lavender crop. We visited an annual lavender festival, and I tried my hand at some farm-raised English lavender honey. Wow.

If my PAF charts are correct, I have some ancestors from Bethersden Kent, which is a small town about 35 miles from the place where we did our walk. If Bethersden is anything like Shoreham, it's beautiful. The town probably has what every English village has--a church, a pub, and a cricket pitch.

This is the street where I live. Go to, or to see pictures of the cars parked out on the street in front of our flat. It's a nice neighborhood, our Notting Hill. We're neighbors with Reese (that actress girl from the South) and we're kitty corner from a few embassies.

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Nellie said...

Dave, I love the pictures! Jamie said she had a great talk with you. When can we call you? We went boating tonight and I got some smooth water skiing waters. We miss you --our boarding school child........I hope you find our ancestors in Englad. Love ya