Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Is MMMPop by Hanson the catchiest song ever released?

I think so.

If you don't agree, tell me what ditty has a catchier tune.


Famous Amos said...

oh my heck i loooooooooooovveeee mmmbob! come to think of it i just love hanson! penny and me, oh baby oh baby i love that song too!

Jamie said...

Okay - chew on this:

"Daisy, daisy sour cream. Fresh and tasty, naturally. A dip for you and a dollop for me. Daisy just goes with family, so, do a dollop, do do a dollop of daisy.

What'll you do with a dollop? A dollop? A dollop? You'll have a barrel of fun with a dollop. A dollop. A dollop of Daisy"

Try getting that out of your head. You won't. I sing it all day every day.

Nellie said...

What the heck are you all talking about?

David Heywood said...

Jamie--you're right, that song is catchy. (I looked it up on YouTube) Do a dollop, do a dollop....

Makes me want to make sour cream ANYTHING right now.

But...catchier than MMMbop??

No way.

David Heywood said...

Ok, I have more songs to add

Hey ya
Beach Boys songs
A-B-C Jackson Five
In the middle, Jimmy Eat World
Hit me baby one more time
Yellow Submarine
Take on me

Jamie said...

Juicy Fruit, it's gonna move ya.

Jason Mraz' new song - I'm Yours

If you wanna be my lover - Spice Girls

You had a bad day, take one down, sing a sad song just to turn it around . .

Geez you never think how many catchy songs there are until you really sit down and think about it.

Carissa said...

I still think mmmbop takes the prize. I read all the other suggestions and started singing them too, but in the end, it was mmmbop that stuck.

Raymon said...

I have most definitely listened and sang to that song with you.

Taren said...

Anyone who admits to loving "Mmmbop" and usings words like "ditty" is a blog friend of mine.

Taren said...