Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I think these pictures are the funniest thing since Al Gore invented global warming. Why?

Exhibit 1. The picture of Beffy and me with the wizard hats. Obviously its in the Disney store. Obviously we are too cheap to actually buy a hat. So why were we sitting in a store taking pictures wearing wizard hats? Because that's how we Heywood's roll.

Exhibit 2. Look at Ryan's expression. It's not fear. Nor is it terror. Not really boredom. What is he trying to express??!!!??! I don't know if the question can be answered. Hands down, Ryan wins the "Mona Lisa smile" trophy of the decade.


Nellie said...

I want those pictures! Reminder, that vacation was not cheap, so please retract your statement about us Heywoods being cheap!

Carissa said...

Bahahaha!!! Ryan's face is the best. Can we dub it the "stoner ryan" face?