Sunday, May 10, 2009

My mother is

Energetic, charismatic, loving, An example, life-of-the-party, friendly, Motivating, diligent, healthy, A little out of control (sometimes), creative, caring, the cream of Westwood, Zealous, virtuous, determined, a water skier, cheerful, Incomparable, happy, fun, “Mashed Potatoes and Gravie, Marie”, No pushover (right Red Ledges?) a Warriorette, easy-going, frugal, compassionate, a December baby, often right, popular, spiritual, strong, faithful, Great

Happy mother's day--


Joey said... hit the nail on the head, I would agree with all of those and add that she a great sista too! and you are a wonderful son.

Nellie said...

Ahhh Dave, that made me tear up! We all miss you and wish you were here with us. I know you will want to call and just chat for hours with me. I'll talk to ya later!!