Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Chevy of Cell Phones

I love my phone.

I originally bought a fancy flat phone with sophisticated music features and a glossy surfaced that practically screamed "glossy surface". I took it back after a few hours and traded it for my current model. I wanted this phone for one reason: it was cheap (free with a 2-year, don't-even-think-about-switching-carriers-because-now-we-have-you-more-committed-than-you'll-ever-be-in-a-relationship-with-a-girl-you-no-good-for-nothing-loser contract).

I've had it for almost a year and half now, and I have to say. I love it. I love the scrapes of sacrifice it proudly wears on its gunmetal-gray exterior. I love the background of my brother Jake wakeboarding that greets me every time I flip open its fast-acting cover. I love the way it feels in my pocket--not thin and tiny--I always know it's there, ready and waiting for a call, or (what usually happens), an alarm to go off to tell me "it's 7:00 AM and, once again, you've gone through a whole day without anybody calling you." I love the fact that the antenna lasted so long--about a year-- and now my phone is still struggling on without that semi-important appendage. I love how I miss calls at random, how I will have hours of failed calls or texts that won't send and messages that i never receive. "It's all in the network" Verizon says, but I think my network is a part-time technician working from Huckfin, Oklahoma. The problems keeps life interesting at least. And give me a good excuse for when I *ahem* screen calls. Not that I screen calls very often, but sometimes...y'know.

And so, I tip my hat off to you, LG VX8000. The Chevrolet of Cell Phones.


kristenjane said...

Nice David! I have verizon also and I got the Chocoloate phone and it is such a pain the whole touch screen thing messes up all the time! So good choice in phones, I will be ready to get a new one when I can!

Jamie said...

well i'm glad your complacent with second-rate compared to my phone. But hey, nice post. And way to be optimistic. I must admit I had my "brick" phone (my first phone) for 3 yrs because every scratch had a memory behind it. But there comes a time when all good things must die - or be donated to charity.

Amy said...

I never realized how much i loved my phone until it broke for a few days. now i will never take it for granted again, it has never ever had a problem (i was the one who got water on it) and is still working great. props to you for keeping a piece of crap. I could never live without my baby. haha

Nellie said...

You cheap skate, get a phone that works so the rest of us don't have to suffer when we talk to you. London is a far ways away and we will want to hear how your accent is coming. So, buy a new can afford it!!