Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gaff the Muscles

The summer signals the advent of beach season. Wakeboarding. California. Hiking. Sunburns. And white, freckled Dave.
What is the perfect body? Who has one? Ryan always wishes he was taller, I wish I was skinnier, Jake wishes...well, Jake's pretty set with his blonde hair, blue eyes, "the girls all love me" physique.

Genetics play a huge part in how we look, obviously--Sometimes you've just gotta play with the hand that you're dealt in life. But there's always room for improvement. Not that i want to be obsessed with looking like the gym rat, Arnold Schwarzie, "gonna go crazy til I get in my egg white shakes and 55 reps for today" tough guy. I don't need the perfect bod. Obsessing over that is often c'est la maladie du temps--the sickness of the times. I can improve, though.

Not for nothing--in other words, for something--do people call me Big D or the "large one" of our apartment. I need to expend more energy (and by energy, I mean time) on being healthier.

This is a question of priorities.

My problem is two fold (ok, it's probably six-fold, but let's not get in to every depressing detail). One, I enjoy eating good food (even though I do pretty good with self-control since the last few years--- I'm nowhere near Mom or Jamie). And by good food, I mean food that tastes good. Food that isn't bulgur, zucchini muffins, or soy milk shakes.

My second problem is personality. I love playing sports, going to the gym etc. I feel good when I do it. I enjoy it. I could do it all the time.
But, at the same time, I could spend the whole day reading books and learning, writing, and working on projects in the library. And, if I have deadlines, projects, or assignments due, my responsibility gene kicks in and forces me to stay until I'm done. Which means, I don't make time to go and do the other part of life--the basketball, working out, hiking, swimming--that I also enjoy. My life lacks balance in that regard. This is especially so since I started working on my thesis. And i don't think it will get any easier once I start work at E & Y. So. I need to SCHEDULE time for the physical activities, i need to make it a priority, and make it more of a daily necessity, like brushing my teeth and logging onto

And, so...I will.


Nellie said...

Dave, I think us giving you a hard time about posting paid off. Great post and I think you do pretty dang good. You look great and you are the king of fun!!

Jamie said...

Dave - i hear you bro. I rarely make time for physical activity either. But it's so much easier when you plan to go with a friend - if only i lived in provo. We'd meet every morning at the gym and it'd make me go. Oh well.

Jamie said...

oh and by the way - you are TOO SKINNY dave - I PROMISE.

Blooms said...

Dave! I'll just pick another awesome ultimate frisbee team... and you'll be on it. I felt all of my physical energy was expended when I had to walk around that field keeping an eye on my team. Actually... let's go play tennis...

Nellie said...

LIke you need to work out Dave, you are skinnier than me and yet your 11 years older than me. Im the one that needs to eat healthier in the family, and you even can admit that! Maybe we i should give some of my extra chub to you! cause you are stick thin, I mean look at you in 8th and 9th grade and early high school compared to now, there is a big difference! well anyway thats what I think, Oh by the way this is Bethany not Nellie.