Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey Dave, how'dya spend your weekend?

Like this:

Assuming no other material misstatements are found, an independent auditor determines that supplementary information is not fairly stated relative to the basic financial statements taken as a whole. In this instance, the independent auditor should:

a)Issue a qualified or adverse opinion
b)Issue a disclaimer of opinion
c)Issue an unqualified but modified audit report, adding a paragraph to describe the auditor's position on the supplementary information


Jennifer said...

that doesn't even make sense to me. haha! good luck with that dave!

Jamie said...

I would pick:

E) Go to your hometown. Boat, hike, eat good food and celebrate. Forget everything you've ever learned about accounting. You'll be happier.

Nellie said...

You will not shrivel up and die you will conquer and be Champion of CPA exam!

That's easy for me to say since I have been boating and hiking.