Monday, June 1, 2009

The Papa Delivers

In the mail this week.

Papa John's thanked me for my comments and offered to give me another chance on their pizza. They included two complimentary pizza cards to prime the pump for my return to PJ's.

I also received a personal phone call apology. Brian (not Papa John--he's probably busy making commercials) even admitted that their pan pizza wasn't quite up to par and a new recipe was in the works.

I quote Papa's letter.

"Rest assured, Papa John's is dedicated to providing you with a Worldclass Customer Experience."

I've been waiting for this release from the emotional shackles of my innerconsumer. I'm still not sure why "worldclass customer experience" is a proper noun, but I can dream of the wonders such a thing could hold.

And so, tonight, I can finally rest. Assured.


Jennifer said...


Kristenjane said...

Oh David, nice to get free pizza!

Jamie said...

so i just now read your letter to papa johns. Don't know how i missed it. It's priceless. I can just picture the customer service team passing around the letter laughing and feeling a bit validated because they've been all thinking the same thing just never had the guts to say it in fear they'd fall prisoner to unemployment. Loved. It.

Nellie said...

Way to go!