Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I coulda sworn that I joked with a friend of mine of the fairer sex back in the day that we would get married on


Or was it 8/8/08? Maybe 7/7/2007?

Huh. Well. Whoops. Missed that hay ride.

Here's to the auspicious 10/10/10, 11/11/11, or 12/12/12.


Jamie said...

Hey, at least you can get 3 dollar pizzas at dominoes today.

Have one for me an enjoy, k?

Nellie said...

Or how about 11-10-09.......thats a short range goal to shoot for!

Famous Amos said...

dave, you will make somebody so extremely happy. . . someday! haha tell diana hi for me, is she dating what's his face again?

Jennifer said...

good luck with that since, uhhh... 10/10/10 is a sunday and 11/11/11 is a monday. can't get married those days. 12/12/12 could be the day!!