Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gottanuther one, Shakespeare????

I feel lame posting another poem, but I just returned from the library and a friends house, it's late, and this is all I have to post.

Heber City is known for cowboy poetry. Well...what about Jock Poetry? This is the first of possibly more to come:

Jock Poetry
Love Ode From A Power Forward
-dave heywood

They say love is like roses and
Daisies and the smell of rain
On a spring day in El Paso Texas

But it’s not.

My love is boxing out with a forearm check
Moses Malone hits the deck
I escape without a tech,
Just a flagrant foul, but what the heck
That’s no sweat off of my thick neck

Baby—my loves like that

I want to see
You and me
Three in the key

I hope you realize
My heart is the size
Of Barkleys’ thighs
When I gaze in your eyes
And say,
I love you.”

But you never cared for me

I took a shot, 15 footer, wide open, soft and delicate, gave it my all
But you stuffed me a la Thanksgiving Turkey; “get that weak stuff outta here” you said,
in that fake way, like a mascot on stilts, ready to fall—

But don’t worry, Baby. The world still turns round.
And I
Am on
The rebound.


Amy said...

hang in there dave. that's all i got to say.

Jamie said...

hilariously funny and yet, so deep. Wow, how did we come from the same parents? And be thankful because I was about to put your guitar on craigslist yesterday.

David Heywood said...

Amy, this has nothing to do with my experiences--really. I just thought of "rebound" when I was thinking of power forwards, so I added it to the end of the poem. It originally had a different ending. Just to clarify...

Nellie said...

Dave, I know you put poetry on your blog just to get me thinking and keep away from the alheimers. So keep up with the poetry!!

Amy said...

whooo, okay cuz i was worried a little there! hahah