Monday, April 21, 2008

Wondering About Jake

Jake hit his year mark in Japan. I miss him. I'll write him a letter this week (after finals). Until I hear from him though, I wonder:
--Does he constantly have to replace his bike brakes because of the always-present moisture during rainy season that makes normal brakes disentegrate in a matter of days? Does he have disc brakes?
--Does he use missionary slang like "goched" and "spoked" and "saikou desu yo" and "yakusokusha"?
--Does he just love tonkatsu?
--Has he ever been to bikkuri donky? I always wanted to go but...
--Does he ever get sick of ringing those kekko boxes that people pretend they can't hear you or aren't home, even when you know they looked through the peephole because it was light and then dark?
--Does he get excited to attend DTM and zone conferences?
--Does he have picture-happy companions (Missionary: Elder, we need to take a picture of this moment... Me: Umm...we're just doing the dishes, Elder...)?
--Does he love the Japanese landscape yet?
--Is he learning the respect and honor of Japanese culture?
--Does he ever eat at Oushous?
--Does he love riding the trains?
--Has he met a member of the yakuza (Japanese mafia)?
--Has he spent hours and hours and hours looking for an address, only to never find it because of the fact that 1)he is illiterate in the country, 2)he is using a copy of a map that has been soaked by the incessant rain and 3) For the most part, Japanese addresses really have no rhyme or reason, just scattered numbers across the paper like shotgun bb's flying through a tornado?

Just wondering about Jake tonight.


Nellie said...

I am copying this and sending it to Jake in my letter today. He will love this. It truly helps to spice up my boring letter.

Bethany said...

That is what I think everyday Dave just not the Japanese stuff!!!

Jamie said...

change your blog more frequently, i'm in need of some good content