Monday, February 11, 2008

Flip the Bird

Speed. Stamina. Hand-eye coordination. Dogged determination. These are the skills necessary for a succesful badminton team. (oh...and you need headbands. Can't forget headbands). Admittedly, we didn't place first in our lower-division bracket. But we did place. And we weren't last.

Our journey for mastery of the shuttlecock (that's what the little bird thing is called, for all of you living in ignorance to this grand Olympic sport) began with a Monday open gym night. A Chinese mystic going by Simon (we couldn't pronounce his real name), took it upon himself to educate us on the art of Badminton. After one session with Simon, the Chatsworth Deuce was ready for the tournament.

Did we win the coveted BYU intramural t-shirts? No. But our friends did (see above picture). And in life, it's not what you know (or what you win...) that's important, it's who you know.


Nellie said...

Dave, you use to be into wrist bands too. I think that was the days when you thought you would be playing basketball for the NBA!

amy said...

oh i looooove badminton! actually we have no rules in our backyard and emily gets very ticked when tyler keeps serving aces in her face. very entertaining to watch on a boring sunday evening. haha