Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vertical Mining Exercise

Working on "vertical mining" in creative writing (whatever that means...). I've made a few jokes about how much I hate it in class, so Prof Earl is starting to prod me a bit. So, I will attempt to create "vertically mine" my day today.

Cake decorating book, color of clowns, distracting me from Management Economics.
Dream State Scottish poetry, Alba Einstein and Adorno. Negative is the negative is the negative, dialectics.
Floor Four, Floor One, "where ya goin, hun" "to officially declare
An English minor in that building over there."
Time me, time you, workshop time, and the creative juice is through.

I see a familiar green bag and "puffiness" from a distance, walking up stairs by a statue of Chalk Man Himself, Circle of Integrity, Mr. Maze.
Been waiting long, I ask
When I know the answer is no. Miss, Miss, you dropped your pen. Er...I'm a moron.

DI, nice try, rusty pocketknife. One size fits all and the yellow canary ain't lyin about that.
Can't lie when you're stuffed in a vase, with germs on your face
Step ladder up and lets chute her off!

King me, queen you, red, black, non-island style
Spring, summer--who knows what
The future holds for us (or anyone)

But let's burn a match and wait
Til someone wins the pain.

Politics this, and politics that
Everyone in the room is a Democrat
Shouldn't the Y be more conservative? My!
Political Political Political Review.

Institute lesson, I needed that.
Brother Hobson????!!?
It's true, it's true.
Political Political Political review???

Homework, wait N2, L. Thomas, hey!
How do you know her...hmmm...
Face goes red (but whos?).

OK. That's about enough of that. Everything turns into a poem when I vertical mine.


amy said...

okay i did not get one bit of that. sorry dave. but it sounded cool:)

Nellie said...

Amen Amy...I think this verticle stuff is for crazy people! And Dave you are not crazy or lazy or hazy just a little banana fana bo mazy ........How do you like my verticle poetical?

Tiffanyann said...

you gottan love your mamma dave!! that was cool to read, mind boggling actually and i am with amy and your mom because i am now so oh very confused!!

amanda said...

well david, if it makes you feel better i think i understand some of it...

"Miss, uhh miss!"