Sunday, February 24, 2008

Night Rider

I visited Heber on Saturday night (it was great to see the Fam!), and got sucked into staying until late late. Finally, Jamie had to take her pain meds and announce to the world that she was "Going to Bed!"

As I usually don't get enough sleep, I had a hard time staying awake driving through the canyon so late. So I mentally made a list in my head of the best songs to drive to late at night when you're by yourself.

So, without further adieu, here are

The Top 11 Songs to Listen To When You Drive At Night Alone:
(note on my criteria: I picked the songs that create the best nighttime "mood," not songs that would necessarily keep me awake)
1)Don't Stop Believin'--Journey
3)Knocking on my Door--Peter Brienholt
5)The Dance-Garth Brooks
6)100 Years-Five For Fighting
7)Who Needs Sleep?--Barenaked Ladies
8)Moonshadow-Cat Stevens
9)Hard to Say I'm Sorry/Look Away/You're the Inspiration--Chicago
10)The Scientist-Coldplay
11) Soledad and 11:20-Colors

If you have any songs you think should be added...let me know. I can already think of some that belong. If Kori ever reads this, I'm sure she has suggestions.


Nellie said...

How was your Monday night dinner dave? What did your make?

amy said...

you have never lived until you've heard emily play the scientist on our piano. i will have to send you a recording, it will change or life! or maybe just make you wanna take that song off your list, not sure which one. haha

Jamie said...

here's my list:
- boot scootin boogie
- rascal flatts #7 on their self-titled album (first one)
- Dave Matthews ants marching
- life is a highway
- stroke9 little black back pack
- Sara Berellis love song
- REO Speedwagon dreaming
- Garth Aint' goin down til the sun comes up
- Elton Sorry seems to be the hardest word
- Stevie wonder signed, sealed, delivered
- Beatles revolution
- Kellen Jones the sweater girl song :)

kristenjane said...

David you forgot "Bed of Roses" yes that is a song by Bon Jovi!

Bruce said...

My list of songs to sing to keep you awake . . .

"Don't you Remember I told you I love you baby", by The Carpenters and Tommy Boy
Just Lie a Yo, Yo, The Osmonds
"Time for Me to Fly", REO Speedwagon
"Right Now", Van Halen
"Longfellow Serenade", Niel Diamond
"Take Me Home, Country Roads", John Denver
"Sweet Home Alabama", Lenard Skinnard
"Sign", 5 Man Electrical Band
"Rosanna", Toto (had to have a Toto song in there)
Now Dave you have to admit that this is the best list.