Sunday, March 23, 2008

Amy, you're missing out...

Amy, sad you're not coming to BYU for spring/summer. A few friends got together last night and made a list of things we are going to do for those months. Our goal is to do as much from this list as we can.

Looks like it's gonna be a dope summer! But you'll have fun in Australia, I know...

Fishing-cuttin, guttin, and grillin
Crawdad fishin'
Star gazing (learn constellations)
Float Provo river
Bike to Bridal Veil falls (tandem…)
Wakeboarding (deer creek, utah lake, jordanell, pineview/yuba, echo, bear lake??)
Sleepover @shelley's cabin
Horseback riding
Fishing in the dark
Rope swing @mona
Hot pots in Heber
Manti pageant and penny candy
Strawberry days rodeo
Strawberry ice cream
Ride trax to gateway, fountains at nighttime
Vegas and back (or not back…)
Bryce Canyon/zions
Dinner cruise on the Great Salt Lake
Sundance-movies outside, ride ski lifts
Watch movie outside Chats on projector
Springville art gallery
Art projects--huge canvas and ballons, paint darts
Slip n' slide mud at rock canyon park
Goblin Valley
Thanksgiving Point
Riverraft in Moab
Drive in movie at SL
Day out to take pictures, then make photography collage
Park City--Downtown, alpine slide
Service project
Ultimate frisbee
Glow in the dark crochet
Country dancing
Shotgun shooting
Homemade ice cream
Hiking (mt timp?)
Buy helium balloons and suck them
Huge nertz face off game night
Bowling and pool
Watch sports! Hello!
Christmas in July
Provo Parade
Hot air ballons (4th of July)
Memorial day-take flowers
Tie die shirts or make matching tshirts/pj pants
Run a 5k together-Charleston 5k
Dinner at Ottavio's
Dinner at Carrabas
Sushi Night
Iron Chef Competition
Heber Sleepover


Nellie said...

Wow Dave, I want to be your friend except for the hike timp part. I already did that and can't do it again.

kristenjane said...

Sounds like you are going to have an adventurous summer! By the way dave I bought you a Cadbury Creme egg for Easter! But since you are in Utah I am going to have to eat it!

Amy said...

hey this is kinda jacked up that you are just now telling me all this dave! but i'm coming up in may with lyndee for a couple weeks, couldn't we do some of it then?