Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Have a P..P...Personality?

Crazy busy day. But it's good to be busy.

After 4 hours of working with numbers in Salt Lake for le Ritchie Group, and two hours of driving with thought time, I rushed over to an Honor's Symposium. Elder Bruce. D Porter and his wife spoke, and it was amazing. I'll recap what I learned tomorrow--no time tonight.

A conversation at the Honors Symposium

Girl: So...what's you major?
Me: The most boring major you can think of...
Girl: Accounting?
Me: Yep.

This happened twice tonight. So, it made me wonder...can I work for an accounting firm (even if it isn't tax or audit, and I get to travel around helping big corps do transaction real estate) and still have a personality?


For example, I hate peaches. The texture is too fuzzy, like eating a cat or a velvet pillow. And, Abi in OA says that homeless people smell like peaches.

I hate cashews. Eating a cashew--texture, shape, taste--is like eating an overgrown toenail. Sick.

I just discovered this morning that I love peanut butter and banana sandwhiches on Granny Delight's wheat and fiber bread. Toasted. So delicious.

I can't say no to people--I'm a people pleaser. I'm too nice. Sometimes I get overextended and stressed, and then I tend to shut down my personality.

I need to pursue more hobbys and interesting things in life. I've thought about this today, and made a list of possible hobbys to continue doing more of, or to begin anew (I like using the word "anew"). I'll post the list tomorrow.

I have good taste in friends and associations. My friend Jon in Cedar just won the student body president elections at Southern Utah University.

I have amazing roommates, and great friends.

Life's pretty good, y'know.


Nellie said...

I can understand hating brussel sprouts but I can't understand hating peaches and cashews. I'm glad that you have expanded your palate with the peanut butter banana sandwich........hopefully tuna tacos have been tossed aside.

Hallie said...

yeah about that granny's delight...I had a piece of that last night...I hope you don't mind

but yeah, nice personality!

Bethany said...

Thats weird because I like brussel sprouts. but David im totally with you on the peaches. I decided I only like canned peaches. and they still aren't very good!