Monday, March 10, 2008

Been Spendin' Most My Life, Livin in Bachelor's Paradise...

So, another breakup.

Two classic lines from Bethany when she was consoling me.

"Just eat some chocolate and endure to the end."


(with a strait, yet smirky, face)

"I know what always helps get people out of depression. Service."

I went to Heber tonight for some good 'ol family time, and we decided to go bowling. Of course, it was leagues night so no lanes were open. We ended up dragging Main St., listening to Mom talk and talk and talk.

Anyways, taking the Pollyanna approach--

the top five reasons Why It's Fun Being Single:

1)More time for pickup basketball

2)New chances to use pickup lines

3)Flirting is fun

4)Uh...more time for basketball?


Some ironic things. I'm supposed to speak on a dating panel for the Stake Relief Society Enrichment on Thursday. Also, people had finally stopped asking me whether I was dating someone or not. Now, the questions will begin anew.

Well, let the good times roll.


Nellie said...

Dave, I hope you come home again soon cause I have something I want to talk to you about.

amy said...

it's a common tale, girls can get a little scared about the big M word. i think she will come to her senses someday and realize the amazing guy that she lost, just wait:) and eat a symphony bar in the meantime.

Annette said...

Don't worry Dave we have a cute wonderful girl to set you up with when you come to AZ. I sure that is the last thing you wanted to hear. Don't you just love your Aunts reading your blog.

Bethany said...

Dave, im sorry I scared her off!!! oh really try the service thing it really works!!! haha Maybe you could make Amanda cookies!!! haha