Thursday, March 27, 2008

Talks and talks and talks...

I'm not a very good communicator. I recognize this, it's something I'm working on. Jamie used to make fun of me in high school for reading books about how to talk to people. "Just go talk to people!" she would say.

Here's a poem I wrote today. I thought of using it for a poetry workshop, but it's a little 8th-gradeish in quality.

A Letter and a Stamp Won’t Solve This Problem

I’ll start with a note on Facebook
Not long— a few lines on her Wall.
And if she responds on Tuesday,
Well, maybe I’ll give her a call…

Better yet, text her a message—
How R U? It’s been a long time :-)
And if I’m feeling creative,
I may even send her a rhyme.

She’ll answer in a few minutes—
Or hours, if she’s playing coy—
If it’s days, maybe she’s busy
Or was murdered in Illinois.

Eventually, I’ll need to call her
(Unless she’s in a Chicago grave).
First, I should work up the courage;
For phone calls, you’ve gotta be brave.

Perhaps I’ll send her an email
Bcc to no one but me
It worked out for Tom Hanks and Meg
Ryan. Plus, all email is free.

Well, next thing you know we’re Blogging—
The relationship’s getting intense
She thinks I’m fully committed,
But clearly I’m still on the fence.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I like her—
She’ll make someone a perfect mate.
But we don’t blend well together—
We just cannot communicate.


Nellie said...

Very good, the next thing you know you are gonna be reading it at the Heywood Christmas get together!!

Jamie said...

haha dave that is one of your funniest poems and so true in today's dating society. Without texting shane and I may not have ever gotten married! I really liked this poem and I'm going to post it on MY blog for all my friends to read. You're too talented.

Amy said...

wow you are amazing dave! you probably whipped this up in what like five minutes? I agree with jamie, it is totally true.

Morgan said...

Your mom and Jamie said it all. You are amazing Dave!!!

Hallie said...

this isn't about me is it? haha jk I know who it could be....will you tell me?