Thursday, March 13, 2008

You want a Hobbit?? No! A HOBBY!!

Ok, so I am in quest of a new hobby. I want to spice up my life, make myself more interesting, expand my horizons.

I did decide to go to London for Summer Term Study Abroad (I think...still iffy, but only one day left to back out without penalty...).

I hope to come back from that trip with an Oliver Twist Cockney accent, and also an uppity Jeeve's the Butler English accent. Maybe even some Scottish, because we'll be in Edinburgh too (and I'm taking a Scottish literature class..."Sticks and stanes may brake yer banes, but words will naever hurt ye")

But back to the topic at hand. A new hobby.

Here's a list of possible ones to pursue. I'm sure I'll add more as I think about it.
*Hiking (I already enjoy hiking, but I could do it more
*Wakeboarding (Ditto hiking)
*Swimming (Ditto hiking and wakeboarding)
*Shotgun shooting

Ok, here are some hobby's I will most definitely NOT pursue:
*Checkers (I'm the worst checker's player ever)
*Rock climbing
*Bird watching (uh...that's a no...a!!)
*Bow hunting
*Video games

Any thoughts, fam and friends?


Jamie said...

Hey - I'm going to get into Photography, too. Take a class with me or something. And swimming sounds fun, but does Europe have swimming pools?

JoAn Finter said...

Hey Dave, Have you ever thought about quilting....just thought I'd mention it cause..well, you know its a great hobby...
Actually photography does sound fun, I always wanted to do that but never really did. My friend took a class, invested in a good camera and now she does weddings and is doing pretty good... all in the name of a hobbit!!

kristenjane said...

I love raquetball and Tennis those are great, If you start hiking you will have to come and Hike my mountain (We have a mountain like 3 miles away and we see it through our breakfast niche)

David Heywood said...

Kristen, a breakfast niche? Wow, your house sounds high-class...

Nellie said...

Cross country skiing, down hill skiing, water skiing need I say more! Shock, that you like hiking cause I could never get you all to hike with me.

Bethany said...

David I am in need of a hobby too!!! what a coinsadence!!! We should take a couple things together!! Hey what about golfing?? have you ever thought of that I have done it quite a bit and it is really fun! Maybe we should do tennis! Hey wanna do track with me? haha Cheer is out of my league now. For I have a new partner. haha I am just kidding

Kayla said...

If you want to start hiking a lot, my family or at least my mom and I are going to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim at the end of May. You're welcome to join us :)