Friday, January 25, 2008

4 O'Clock and All Is Well

It's four in the morning and I can't sleep. I've been coughing all night (you know...that nagging, persistent cough that won't go away--like a piece of gum stuck to your shoe) and I finally found some cough medicine after 40 minutes of searching.

I've thought of just going to work, because I'm leaving to Salt Lake at 6:00 in the morning anyways. But then I realized I need to email my professor about meeting today to work on a thesis project. And then I looked on And now I'm here. Doing nothing productive with my life.

Just a note, after rereading my "Eyes Tired in California" poem, I decided to write another one about our Oceanside reunion--this one in a more enthusiastic, positive light. I, personally, like reading poems that are more humorous, or encouraging, or inspiring.

Well, Sal's in the brothel, Pat's in the Jail, and I'm the one to tell the tale. I don't have much else to say, except that the cough syrup label lied and said I would be drowsy and/or dizzy (it'll probably kick in as i'm halfway down I-15).

I've been reading Alma 5 (slower than I'd like to be reading it because last night I one chapter more than my daily allotment of a memior by Clarence Thomas), which has led me to think more about change and hope. Hopefully I will be able to flesh out my feelings on the subject into thoughts and readable prose in the next few days (weeks).


Nellie said...

Dave, we have got to get you back to good health. I worry about you! You need more sleep. Dad had a fun visit with you. He is funny when I was buying the tortelias at Costco he told me that I spoil you.........but after the temple he said....I better take those tortelias to who is doing the spoiling??? Oh, yeah good idea about rewriting the Oceanside poem. Are reunions are a blast not a bummer. Get some sleep.......Love, Mom

Bruce Heywood said...


Really! "are" reunion is not boring! In fact, this summer I think you should forget all about your trip to London and come to the reunion and study a broad on the beach! Ha ha.

Keep up the blog. your quest for learning is inspiring.

Love, Dad

amy said...

i think you should too dave. You're my reunion buddy, remember? plus i need someone to hang out with when i go up to BYU this summer:) but i guess if you think studying abroad in London is cooler, then go for it. haha