Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wish I may, Wish I might

Saw Stardust tonight.

Wouldn't it be great if girls really did glow when they were falling in love? I know it would help me out a bit. I seem to always misinterpret things.

What is it about swords and princesses, kings and castles, that makes me enjoy watching a movie? I remember watching Princess Bride over and over and over again when I was little. There's something about the fairy tale midevil concept that captures my imagination. I was a sucker for A Kid In King Arthur's Court when I was a juvi, and that show was cheesy as all get out (with the kid from Rookie of the Year posing as a hero, to boot). First Knight? Liked it. My favorite books in elementary school were the Chronicles of Narnia series. Maybe that was some of the impetus for my king/princess/prince/sword fighting/archer/adventure story enjoyment.

Some funny comments from Ryan today:

Ryan: Your driver's license says that you're 5-11. How come you didn't put 6-0?
Me: Because I am 5-11. Why would I put 6-0?
Ryan: Sounds better.

Ryan: (as we're pulling out after playing bball from an empty church parking lot) Let's spin donuts.
Me: car's (a five speed manual transmission VW Jetta) too old. It's officially ten years in '08. I don't think she could take it.
Ryan: may be old, but it's clutch. (har!)


Nellie said...

Ryan is 5'8"; where did he get the 5'11" FROM......Do you miss us Dave?

Jamie said...

Our little Ryan - always wishing he were a few inches taller and a few . . .er . . . eyebrow hairs darker.