Thursday, January 31, 2008


10 Years Ago
I was the fat new kid in town with braces and a tooth in the middle of my mouth. I was generally pessimistic, cynical, but wanted to always follow the rules and do my best in school. I wore clothes from DI, read Louis L' Amour books (or anything else I could get my hands on), and was just realizing that I was never going to make it to the NBA.

5 Things On My To Do List Today
1) Finish my lyric essay
2)Figure out how to do better in technical writing
4)--->Try to plan date and (maybe) attend mardi gras party? Wanna watch Hotel Rwanda later on in the evening....hmmm...still don't quite know yet.
5)Work at TRG in SLC. Train Yvette, finish Pheasant Run project draws, and work on Ironwood banking items.

5 Snacks I Enjoy
1) Tortilla chips and cottage cheese
2)Flavor blasted goldfish crackers
3)Baby carrots
4)Celery, peanut butter, and raisins
5)Banana (but not too ripe-no brown spots is preferred)

What would I do with a billion dollars?
Study. Invest. Philanthropize. Buy a truck, tour Europe, build a cabin, support a school.

5 Places I have Lived
1) Cockaroach infested Yamanoue cho
2)Rupert, Idaho aka Christmas City, USA
3)Heber Valley
4)Valley of the Sun
5)Nara, Japan

5 Jobs I have had
1)toilet scrubbing janitor
2)sandwich artist
3)printing pressman
4)grocery bagger

5 Things People Don't Know About Me
1) I had chickens, sheep, dogs, and a steer as a kid
2) I was in 4H (even won a red ribbon in cooking at the Minico County Fair)
3) I was on the swim team as a kid, and won the Rupert Swim Team high points award as a ten year old
4) I don't like peaches, pears, or strawberry shortcake.
5) I wrestled for three months in Idaho. The only reason I quit was because...ok...well, there were two:
a) I'm a pansy
b) and a wimp.


Jamie said...

Ah, Christmas town USA. Miss that place. You also didn't mention that you broke your pinky playing football and had to have a cast up to your elbow, or that you were stung by a wasp and screamed for hours...and hours...and hours...need i go on?

Nellie said...

dave, I want to know if you won the chili contest with grampas recipe?
your parents are here and we are having a blast, make them give you an orange. This is Your Grandma

Tiffanyann said...

mary is picky about her bannanas too, to the point where i have to pretend to throw them away but really just take the brown part off and then she says its not yucky anymore mom!

kristenjane said...

Oh I remember teh good ole Idaho days, Rupert, Fruitland all great great memories. It is too bad about the NBA dream