Sunday, January 13, 2008

A half-hearted post

Aberration, abstemious, abstinent, abstract, abstruse, accolade, accrete, acquiesce, acute, aesthetic, alacrity....

Does that sound like a word list? It is. For my Debate and Argumentation class. We are working to improve our speech by expanding our vocabulary.

I think confidence in speech is more than just knowing vocabulary, though. If one has confidence in his (or her) self, then he (or she) tends to be confident speakers, regardless of education or "$5 word" knowledge. I have friends from Heber that fit that bill.

Different topic: Dating. OK. Where to begin? Actually, I think I need time to think about this and post later. But Amy, Lyndee, Kristen...I'm gonna need some comments. Stay tuned.

I'm exhausted tonight. Almost feel as tired as I was on my mission, so I'm going to go to bed, refresh, and write when I'm in a more spirited mood.

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amy said...

ha i wish i could help you out there dave. you should come to mesa, lots of cute girls here. now we just need some cute guys!!