Monday, January 14, 2008

The Big Interview

i'm gonna make this quick because my eyes are bloodshot and I'm more tired than a Les Schwab dealership (har!).

On dating: I think the principles I might resort to are from my friends Jon and Kevin in Cedar.
1) Just have fun. Don't worry too much about things. Relax and have fun.
2) Kiss as many girls as I possibly can before I find "the one."

Ok, cousins. Whatya say? Number 2 is definitely not me. I'm slower than molosses with affection. But, Jon and Kevin swear by it. (and speaking of affection, Kristen, do you remember T.J? And Frenchie? Tiff...Do you remember John Carpenter?? Course ya do!!!!)

I have an interview tomorrow with a few professors and the director of the study abroad program. I'm thinking about going to England for the summer semester. Wish me luck. Do you think I'll impress them by wearing an argyle sweater and knee-high socks (under my pants, of course)?


Jamie said...

#2, come on dave, that's not you. And I know a ton of girls who hate (or despise) Jon because of that. Not so much Kevin, though, he must have more suave (plus he doesn't make out with other girls when he has a girlfriend).

Oh and the England thing, go for it. A guy I work with found his wife at BYU Jerusalem. The foreign thing could work. Hey - have you checked on Ry and Buff?

Barnard's said...

I go with Jamie for the dating advice but then I wasn't much for affection either!! I like the comment about ol' John Carpenter!! oh how i wish someone in the family would forget so that I could get some peace!! Fun time though!!

That would be totally awesome to go abroad!! I say you wear shorts and wear the socks on the outside!! Be brave Dave!!

amy said...

i totally agree with jon and kevin on the relaxing thing. don't stress about it cuz then after you are married and look back on it you will wish that you would have had more fun and less worries. i would anyways. about the whole kissing as many girls as you want, i think that is a little over the top. i agree with jamie that you can get a bad rep from that one. i think you should just flirt with all the girls and go on lots of dates.
I second your advice tiff, be brave! let us know how it goes!

kristenjane said...

I totally agree with all three, I know I kissed a guy that I was not that into and he totally was way more into me and it just was not good. But you should date a lot and relax, plus I have this totally cute awesome old roommate that is up there, she just got back from her mission, her name is Summer Bagley so you have to look her up, I think you guys would have a great time! I totally remember TJ!! And Frenchie, oh man funny funny. I think it would be a cool experience to go somewhere else for a sememster.