Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eyes Tired In California

I need to write poems for my creative writing class. I was looking for ideas, and I came across part of I poem I wrote this summer in California at the reunion. Still a work in progress...I must have wrote it during a lonely day. The reunions are not as fun without Jake there, that's for sure.

Eyes Tired in California

Under the sun with no one
Alone among thousands
Stares, glares, glances.
My shy lips mumble greetings
“Hi mister, bye ma’m”

Go to hell says the silence.

Beer and shorts— men gather.
White erased by tan, they
Complain of immigration,
Wetbacks invading their beach
Even the sand looks darker.

Spanish speakers fish the peer,
Scrape guts and blood across the railing
Knife in hand, they
Laugh at the smell of perfume
On a teenage bikini.

She and a friend wear nothing
But thong bras and low-self esteem;
Faster, they pass the fishermen
Scared by stares, glares, glances.

This…is vacation?

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