Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ad Captandum Vulgus

Roommates and I watched the Republican Party New Hampshire debates this evening.

A few observations...

*Didn't it seem like it was Mitt Romney vs. everyone?
*What is that "Senate Smirk" that John McCain and Fred Thompson share together? They seemed like snickering schoolboys trying to one-up each other, like Zach Morris and Slater watching a Bayside beauty pageant.
*Facebook is now sponsoring Presidential debates, huh. What next...we rename worldwide organizations to the YouTube U.N. Peace Summit? The MySpace Presidential Press Conference?
*Apparently, Mitt Romney doesn't like personal attacks.
*Who do you think uses more hair gel? Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton?
*Mitt Romney believes in free markets. A lot. He might even be married to them.
*Huckabee seemed to enjoy sitting silent while everyone else punched kidney shots at each other.
*Mitt--we pay a thousand dollars at a hospital to get "some sort of a repair?" What hospitals are you going to. Mitt...Jiffy Lube?
Yes Mr. Romney, we'll be finished with your grandson in about 20 minutes. We just need to test for streptococcus and then perhaps order in some antibiotics for repairs.

1 comment:

Nellie said...

I missed the debate so it was nice to get a run down of it from your comedic perspective. So who won the debate? How did our Mitt do? Are you helping all the cute girls move back into your ward?