Saturday, December 29, 2007

All deer go to heaven...

Mom, now that I know that you check this blog probably daily, I can tell you Happy Birthday! again from here.

Hope you had fun sledding, talking with your friends, and eating part of Bethany's burrito, Ryan's ribs, Dad's Chile Rellano, and my carne asada burrito. Oh...and you did put a slight dent in your tamales, too.

Another cold night. Snowy. We went to paintball some deer again on the Kohler farm (we're trying to scare them from the property...they're eating the cows hay and grain), but this time the deer scared a little earlier than usual, bounded across the road, and a white SUV with 'not from Heber' written on the driver's face, nailed one of the deer. We heard a highway patrol officer come along fifteen minutes later and empty his magazine to send the deer back to Bambi heaven.

A few quotes from a book I read today:
Youk'n hide de fier, but w'at you gwine do wid de smoke?
Watch out w'en youer gittin' all you want. Fattenin' hogs ain't in luck.

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Nellie said...

Hey Dave, your blog is the best source of my entertainment besides eating bites of everyone's food! Thanks again for vaccuming my car and for the cool label maker that Ryan is an expert at!!!