Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Surge

Another classic BYU ending. We didn't play great (can you believe our second half offense? Where was the O-Line today? Note to next year's Vegas Bowl activity's planners--skip the pie eating contest until AFTER the game).

But the ending. Ahh, the ending! What a surge by the line, what a block, what a rush! No one in the room thought we had a chance with that Daniel Boone sharpshooter Bruin kicker . Someone even remarked, "Must stink for those fans to drive back from Vegas with a game like this." I bet Ryan's driving back happy tonight.

The fam (sans Ryan and Beffy) went to Dairy Keen today. I think I'm starting to like Dairy Keen now more for all the memories I've had than the food. The fries were on the cold side today. Granted, I didn't get a milkshake (trying to cut back), so I missed out on the full DK experience (Side note: I love their mint cookie and banana cream pie shakes). But I was dissappointed.

Then again, tonights sprite zero with one squirt (you only need one) of their cherry and vanilla add-in and that small DK ice? Refreshing. And the ranch burger with fresh tomato and the perfect amount of lettuce? Delicious.

Finally, Jamie remembered a few of Mom's blond moments tonight. Gotta love her.

My mom: So, did you hear that she (some woman who shall remain anonymous) adopted a baby? He's just so cute.

Jamie: Well is he Caucasian?

My mom: No, I think he's just white.


My mom: So, I was thinking yesterday and I figured out that people from India are called Indians. Did you know that?

Jamie: So what are we supposed to call the people who lived on America before we did?

Mom:.............hmm................That's wierd.

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