Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another poem from four years ago.

I found another poem from the MTC, although I think it is actually two poems that I'm merging into one. I don't even remember writing it.


Sounds of silence, clouds of thought
Works of action, knowledge sought
What is the song of life?

Morning comes, and evenings fast--
Hold the night! Make it last!
We lost the melody.

We lost the song of life today
The drums, the flutes, they went away.
Sleep, Sound of Death, lives on.

Sunshine of the afternoon
The voices, laughter, happy tune
All bow to evenings turn.

Circle, sleep, then back again
Look around, another sin--
Regrets of midday notes.

Measuring love and measuring me
The world alone, this world I see;
The measures run their course.

The melody is dying now
Tell me why, don't tell me how;
But future sounds remain.

Somehow the tune is never out
The trumpets play, the tubas shout
Life's songs keep playing on.

This life is short, slow years leap by
The mind will look, the time will die
Only tomorrow lives on.

Then life is done, the memories
Are faint. And yet, within the breeze,
Of light--yesteryears live on.

Yestermonths and yesterdays--
Plastic forks, silver trays;
Sorrow and success.

Spring to fall, Fall fell away
June, July, August, May
The clock ticks tock, ticks tock.

What's important what is right
The fun is gone, we fought the fight
Only tomorrow lives on.

Fast friends have long past slipped away
The ice of time, the call of play
Never takes survivors.

The summer wind, the winter chill
Sinful pleasures, righteous will
Gone and gone again.

Heart beats fluttered, seasons ran
Across the land and back again
Take a breath and think

Reflect on life--Your heart may sink
Your spirit fail, your mind will shrink--
Was it enough? Was it enough?

Not enough, as enough may be
But hurry, hurry is the plea--
Tomorrow DOES live on!

Today is now, and now is past
Then was now, but now is fast
So take on tomorrow.

Now use your time; use it well.
Joy must come, for Adam fell,
This life is not your own.

This life is hers, and his, and mine
Give love to all, and you'll be fine.
But, pray, remember God!

Remember Past--the Past of all
Where'n heavn dwelt, and God did call
To all, "Return to me."

Brother Christ, he led the way
For us he lived, our sins did pay--
His Eternal Sacrifice.

So take tomorrow, with all your might
Use today, and fight the fight
Your actions witness truth.

Truth is light, Light of God
Let light increase and spread abroad.
Your actions witness him.

Your actions, your tomorrows,
Bearing pains and holding sorrows:
A testament of God.
David B. Heywood

wow---that one was a little long. I'm tired now. Might shorten and revise in the forthcoming weeks.


Tiffanyann said...

wow!! Man dave you are a talented writer!! That is an understatement actually. I was a little nervous posting on here becuase :
1. I am a hancock and therefore cant' spell

2. nothing I write could really compliment what you have written well enough. ( i am not good with words in other words)

Dave Heywood said...

I echo Tiffany!!