Sunday, December 16, 2007

nippon ni kurisumasu uta

Wrote a letter to Jake in Japan today. It made me think of my one Christmas in Japan. Probably the best Christmas ever.

One quick memory. We convinced our small branch to go out and sing Christmas carols to less active members of people that couldn't usually come to church. At most complexes and apartments we went, people told us to go away after we would start singing--even strong members didn't want us to sing at their danchi because, come on, nobody sings Christmas carols in Japan. After place after place of rejection, we ended up going to a giant apartment complex where we knew an older sister in the ward lived. We went into the middle of the complex, where the playground equipment and bike racks were, and sang under her window (she probably lived in the fifth floor) for 15 minutes. A few teenagers returning home from juku stopped for a minute and listened, then took their bags and walked away to the elevator. Everything else was quiet.As we were leaving, we saw the ward member look out of her window and smile. The moon was bright that night--it truly felt like O Holy Night.

Me and companions dressed as shepards for an activity the branch did at a giant shopping center.

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