Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Senkyoshi Brother

Christmas Eve Breakdown

7:45-woke up Ryan, got ready, went and played basketball at stake center

10:45-back home, shower, get ready for day

11:20-read book about REIT's for thesis, fall asleep

12:20-wake up, read more about REIT's

1:00-help clean kitchen, go to Smith's to get salt to melt ice

2-4:00-spend time with ryan, bethany, jamie, shane

5;00-family dinner

6:00-talked to Jake in Japan! He is doing really good. His Japanese is sounding great (a few mistakes with nomonalizing verbs here and there, but I was impressed)! He bore his testimony in Japanese. I felt the spirit of christmas as we were gathered around the speaker phone as a family listening to him talk about his dendo no keiken.

7:30-went over to the Grant's to sing Christmas songs with their families. Mostly, Shane and i just listened to the amazing talent of everyone around us.

8:30-now--watched some of Pirates 3, played guitar (made up half a song), read, thought, wrap presents

Snowed again today. Bethany was feeling glum because she wasn't in Arizona with her cousins. She was "bored with just our family."

A word about present wrapping. If the economy of the U.S. collapsed, and the job market shifted to our nation becoming the world's sole skilled provider of gift-wrapping, I would be in desperate trouble. I don't think I could support a family. I'd feel lucky if I made enough to pay for cabbage and water soup (and in most places, water is free!). wrapping...paper airplanes. If it involves paper and folding, put me on the bench, Coach. I'll sit this one out.

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