Friday, December 28, 2007

The owl, for all its feathers, was a-cold

Where to begin?
Took a lunch break from work and went with my Dad to a small Thai restaurant around 72000 south called MeKong. The green curry chicken and sticky rice with the me kai kong soup is amazing. One of the best meals I've had at a restaurant that I can remember. Reminds me of my half-Thai roommate in Japan.

After work, I went to the Fit Stop and swam. In the pool, I saw Ron, a somewhat crazy guy around 30-35 with blonde hair, surfer speak, and a bit of a twitch. I asked him what he did today. Listen in on the conversation.

Ron: Well, man, just, you know, did my stuff. I came here to go to Yoga class but I ended up at the hot tub because, man, well I don't really know why... but I love Yoga. Yoga is greatness. Yoga is like the temple, only the temple is forever. Yoga can be forever, too, I guess. That reminds me of a story. Man, you want to hear a story?
Me: Uh...
Ron: My friend asked me to go fishing with him, but I said, "Dude, it's yoga night. I can't miss yoga." He kept asking me, but I didn't want to miss yoga. Man, I went fishing anyways, because friendship is golden, you know? Well, the next week at Yoga class someone asked where I'd been. I told them fishing. They said that's too bad, because I missed the meditation of a lifetime. Meditation, man! Of a lifetime! Meditation is forever, you know? Some people go to the temple for meditation, but I go to yoga. On thursdays. But, there are more classes. For meditation greatness, you can't miss it! You wanna come this week?

And, after a few more stories from Ron, I politely excused myself. Tonight reminds me of one of the funniest pick up lines i've heard. Not coincidentally, it's from Ron. He was in the singles ward when I lived in Heber, and he would prey on new girls that came in. Here are a few of the lines I've heard him say:

Hey, do you wanna get together, me and you, you know, like the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve? We could eat some fruit and wear fig leaves and stuff.

Hey, were you in a Colgate commercial? You know, the toothpaste? They need good actresses for those commercials. Pearly white teeth. Beautiful smile.

Walking back from the pool to my car might have been the coldest experience of my life. I think it was 6 degrees and windy. I was wet. And, I always park my car the farthest away I can when I go to the gym, because I figure, why should I park close? I'm exercising anyways?

Freezing. I felt like Sanka in Cool Runnings when he breaks off his hair after sitting in the ice cream truck. I'm afraid to ever watch Titanic. I can relate too well. Especially later on tonight, after a crew of us were driving around in the back of a pickup at the Kohler farm shooting deer with paintball guns. Now THAT was cold. But I did beat Whitney in a shooting contest. And, we almost got stuck in a field of snow. I made a wish at 11:11. Reminded me of a girl.

Fun night.


Nellie said...

Dave, Aren't you glad that your dear sweet mom reads your blog. But I'm not reading it because I'm your Mom I'm reading it because you are good you are even better than my favorite columnist (Coach Edwards daughter).... I like yoga but the temple beats yoga any day........Oh by the way today is my birthday........

Jamie said...

Dave! I love your blog! It's now on my list of things to do everyday, but not in a bad way.