Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Give it the old college try...


That's how my outlook is sometimes. I'll lose track of long term goals for the moment. Or, I'll be so focused on productivity and what people think, that I won't be myself; I don't do what I truly want to do.

So, heretofore, I resolve:
ichi) I will not "rush" my life. If my guilt sensors start bleeping, telling me that I'm "wasting time" or that I shouldn't be talking for this person for this long, I'll kindly throw them (the sensors, not the person) into the drink.

ni) "Here's a little song I wrote, might want to sing it note for note..."

san) People are the reason that we're here on earth. Dave, you can be kinder, more selfless, and more interested in the happiness of others.

shi) Catch up with old friends. Don't dwell on things you can't change. Meet new people.

go) Enjoy Life!

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