Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cranes and White Elephant Meatballs

Post-finals, Pre-Christmas Party 2007!

We started with a progressive dinner beginning in S4 (appetizers). C3 had salad, where we all had to do an action when a related action occured (I had to say, "I'm a llama again!" anytime somebody asked, "what?"). Our white elephant gift exchange was a smashing success. I thought I was going to get a santa and pillowcase (see above picture), but I ended up with an amazing "dating" kit--gum, toothpaste, a guiding angel, and advice book. Victory was mine in the gift dept. We moved back to S4 and played the name game that lasted for an eternity. Next, the party migrated to C5, where Nichelle and A Cuppit made amazing Swedish meatballs. The party switched to N3, where we all had desserts-to-die-for and Lauren Inouye taught me, once again, how to make origami cranes. Finally, a few of us watched The Emperor's New Groove (I'd never seen it before) at C3. Whew! Fun night.

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