Thursday, December 13, 2007

A poem for Christmas

When I was in the MTC, I wrote a poem around Christmastime. I remembered that I had wrote it tonight, and so now I want to revise and improve it.

To Her Carpenter

Joseph, Joseph, have I lost you?
Joseph, Joseph, dearest love--
Know ye now my heart is still true
Yet--One I carry--Precious Dove

I have never known another
I have only wished for thee
But the Son of God must enter
Through a vessel, such as me.

How I watched and how I waited
For the Perfect Lamb to come.
No Jew hoped and prayed as I did
For the Babe of Jeruselum.

Public sorrow, death tomorrow--
Of such I will not ever fear!
Perfect love will two hearts borrow
Returned with but a saddened tear?

Thou may hate and scorn my features
"Put away" my heart this day;
But for a Savior of all creatures
Scorn must not be too much to pay.

Only till my heart stops beating
Will I ever cease my prayers
Angel's voice and love repeating
Cradles now my sorr'ws and cares.

Ok...that's where I ended in my MTC journal. What could be a good ending for the poem?

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